Berkenlaan 381
7204 EN Zutphen
06 517 30 119
KvK 63693275
Curriculum Vitae 

Personal details
Surname: Rebergen
First name: Gert (Gerrit Reinier)
Address: Berkenlaan 381
Zip code: 7204 EN
City: Zutphen
Country: The Netherlands
Gender: male
Marital status: married with Janneke since 1976
Children: two, a girl (Sara Marije, born: 1983) and a boy (Eke, born: 1984)

Current positions
* Owner Rebergen Consult - Izare
(social entrepreneur)
* Member Advisory Body Knowledge Center Insurance Medical Science
* Member Research Network 'The Green Brains'
* Lecturing Business School VvAA
(impactmanagement & client journey)
* Writer of several books and articles

1966 – 1972: HBS-A (secondary school) in Doorn, The Netherlands 1972 – 1976: Physical Education (senior secondary school teaching certificate); Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands
Qualifications: teacher physical education and psychomotor therapist
1976 – 2000: several courses (therapeutic approaches and middle management) 1995 – 2000: Business Administration (registered as business administrator); Business School IBO, Zeist The Netherlands
2003: course Social Return On Investment
From 2004: several relevant courses
Speaking and writing in English and German. I do understand some French.

Employment record
1976 – 1982: Psychomotor Therapist in an organization for mental health (Deventer, The Netherlands)

1982 – 1988: Head Department Psychomotor Therapy in an organization for mental health (idem)

1988 – 1992: Head of the Activity Department (purpose: reorganization; about 45 employees) in an organization for mental health (idem)

1992 – 1998: Head of a Department (about 80 employees) and Staff Office (about 10 employees) in an organization for mental health (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)

1998 – 2002: Locality Director in an organization for mental health (idem)
main topics: development of new facilities, buildings included and new services, preparation of a merger agreement between two large organizations for health care

2002 – 2003: President of an organization (about 180 employees) for homeless people in The Hague, The Netherlands purpose: preparation of a reorganization to improve a healthy organization
from 01-01-2004: Izare

Other relevant experiences
author of eleven books and more than eighty-five articles
1984 - 1992: assistant professor at the Faculty Movement Sciences Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1982 - 2001: leader of annual courses (8 or 13 days) about postmodernism and influencing processes; level: post higher vocational and university education
1992 - 2002: representative of The Netherlands in the board of CEFEC, an European NGO for social firms and affirmative enterprises; I was for three years secretary; CEFEC is member of the European Disability Forum
1996 - 2005: founder and secretary of CEFEC Netherlands
1998 - 2005: secretary of the Dutch Union of Supported Employment
1998 - 2004: representative of The Netherlands in the board of the European Union of Supported Employment (member of the European Disability Forum)
1999 until 2007: founder and chairman of a by the Ministry of Employment and Ministry of Health recognized national body (Het Veste-Overleg), in which seven umbrella organizations are working together on topics as labour opportunities and advocacy for the benefit of disadvantaged and disabled
2000 - 2004: member of the board of EuroPsy Rehabilitation, an European NGO concerning with issues of equal opportunities, advocacy and arts / leisure time for disadvantaged and disabled
participant European Social Return On Investment Network - ESROIN
1999 – 2002: member of an advisory body of the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs
senior advisor PUM (NMCP); missions to Poland, Czech, Belarus, Ukraine
founder and chairman of the National Foundation Reintegration Projects Psychiatry; initiator of the Welcome back Murphy program
treasurer of the Foundation Trifle
keynote speaker and workshop leader of a lot of national and international conferences; topics: labour opportunities, self-determination, advocacy, social return on investment, philosophy and methods of therapeutic and educational approaches, corporate social responsibility, governance (health care + small and medium size businesses)

founder and owner of Izare B.V. / Rebergen Consult - Izare (social enterprising)
co-founder and co-owner of iZArte (social import of modern South-African art and design, gallery)
* Innovative concept
* Travelling
* Novelties
* Modern music
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