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Mission statement/vision 
Actual focus:
* Experience discourse & client journey
* Impact management

The mission statement of Izare is that the disadvantaged and the disabled should benefit more of opportunities. Mostly they are people with a psychiatric background, people with learning disabilities, physically disabled and/or disadvantaged.
Disadvantaged people mostly know in general what they would like to change in their own benefit and the benefit of their environment.
Often they have insufficient or no possibilities to realize their (personal or collective) goals.
In the present time it is not easy to organise the needed professional support or to mobilise an adequate social support system.
Izare finds in this statement a good reason for being.
If desired in co-operation with care / welfare providers and companies, Izare aims tailor-made to develop innovative concepts, to recognize and seize opportunities in the market and to realize already drawn up ideas, that fit the mission statement.
Social enterprising is the starting point.
Izare present an image as expert on social enterprising at the border of the sectors care / welfare and commerce. The added value is in the commercial vision on care and welfare, or in the social vision on commercial business activities.
Izare connects the two worlds, because together they can serve a private and public goal at the same time.
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